Certified Pharmacy Technician Pay

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Pharmacy technicians are people skilled to handle pharmacies. They have all the qualifications needed to handle the pharmacy, but dont have the educational qualifications of a pharmacist. When it comes to certified pharmacy technician pay, it may vary on the type of the pharmacy they work in, their experience or the economy of the place where they live and work. They handle prescriptions and work with pharmacists and clients. Technicians prepare the prescription by retrieving, counting, pouring, weighing, measuring and sometimes mixing the medication. They spend most of their time behind the counter of a pharmacy and meet the requirements that costumers have. Pharmacy technicians may be part of a team in big pharmacies, or they can be single workers in a smaller pharmacy.

Certified pharmacy technician pay levels

If you are considering this career, then you probably ask yourself what is the certified pharmacy technician pay. The response to that issue depends on a number of factors such as training, experience, location and more. The average certified pharmacy technician pay in the USA is about $14 an hour, but entry level pharmacy technicians earn less due to the lack of experience ($8 to $10 an hour). But there is good news if you plan to continually advance your career – skilled pharmacy technician can earn up to $20 an hour. The average pharmacy technician pay in the USA for 2011 was $34,000. The starting pharmacy technician pay is at a low level, not different from entry levels in other professions. This shouldnt be a set back because the salary will increase when you become more experienced.

Certified pharmacy technician pay:Demand for employment

Pharmacy technician is one of the most requested professions in the health care nowadays and the certified pharmacy technician pay proves that. While there is increasing demand for recruitment more new graduates are hired every day, and when the demand for a profession is high so remains the pay rates for certified pharmacy technicians. If you have the proper education and competences you can find a well-paid job in this area at any time, regardless of the unemployment rates. Hospitals constantly seek trained certified pharmacy technicians and do not overlook this resource when you are looking for employment. According to the studies on the labor market in the healthcare sector, studying to be a certified pharmacy technician is a safe investment of time and money.

Certified pharmacy technician: Boost your career

The good thing about being a certified pharmacy technician is that you can advance your career over the years. The starting pharmacy technician pay is not very high, but as you gain the experience and quality your work will be more appreciated and there is always an opportunity to ask for higher salary that in this sector is rarely rejected when it comes to quality. Its up to the technician to make his payment higher and keep in mind that being a certified pharmacy technician who cares about going forward in his profession can lead to a very rewarding career. The level of education, experience and competence make a big difference in the certified pharmacy technician pay.



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