CPT Codes

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CPT codes or “the current procedural terminology” codes are set of codes which are “American Medical Association”. This set of code is maintained by CPT Editorial Panel. This has been introduced by “American Medical Association” so that uniform terms reacted to medical, surgical and diagnostics service can be used by the medical practitioner all over the world. The current version of CPT codes is CPT 2011. It is available in the standard and professional edition. These codes help the doctors for proper diagnosis. Many a times it happens that a patients move from one to doctor due for treatment, the codes used by doctor, help the new doctor to know the prior diagnosis. It also helps the patient while insurance of medical bills. These codes help the patient to claim the medical from the offices. So, CPT codes are becoming important tool for doctors.

How CPT codes look like?

CPT codes are five digit alphanumeric codes and there is no decimal mark in between the codes. Most of the codes are just consists of five number a few of the codes are end with alphabet and hence in these codes only four numbers are used. These codes are used by the doctor in the prescriptions of patients. The service which is provided by the doctor has some CPT codes and these codes are read by the insurance companies or office where the patient employed to claim the medical codes. Every has medical coders who decodes CPT codes to identify the amount.

Availability of CPT codes

CPT codes are controlled by American Medical Association. They do not make these codes freely available to public. So, common public were not aware of these codes until they visit to their doctor or to the insurance company. But now few groups have tried to make these codes available to common people, but American Medical association have fined them and have compelled them to remove from the internet. The copy right of CPT codes is taken by American Medical Association and they have given few groups this right to publish these codes. But if these groups publish some extra codes, then they are charged with extra fees. So, CPT codes are under strict vigil of American Medical Association.

Importance of CPT codes

CPT codes are helpful to the patients and for the doctors. These codes are maintained by American Medical Association and they do not readily publish these codes to make the common people aware of these codes. These codes are helpful for the patient to claim the medical bill from their office. To read these CPT codes, at each offices there are many medical coder who decodes these codes. A special training is given to them and their duty is to translated these codes and find out the exact bill that a patient will receive as medical bill from the office. So, the CPT codes have great relevance in medical purpose and official work and to the patients.



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