Income For A Physical Therapist

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A physiotherapist is a health care worker that helps people who have a certain disability and are not able to use their body as healthy people are, usually problems concerned with the so called exterior parts of the bodies, such as the limbs, the muscles, bones and tissues. The income for a physical therapist may vary and there are many factors that influence that income. Their job is to figure out what’s wrong with the patient and try to cure him/her. They often cooperate with other health care workers and often have assistants, called physical therapist assistant. Physiotherapists themselves can be referred to as, physical therapist, phyiso or PT. Needless to say; the physiotherapists have to be devoted to helping their patients and have to obey a certain moral code. Physiotherapist is a paid work and there is a certain income for a physical therapist.

Factors influencing the income for a physical therapist

We have to be aware, though, that the income for a physical therapist, or the income for any job, whatsoever, is not the only factor contributing to the job satisfaction of the individual. Being a physical therapist is a very noble profession, a profession with profound humanistic background and one cannot become a good physical therapist if his goal is not to serve the humanity and help the less fortunate. The income for a physical therapist, varies depending on the education, skills, experience of the physical therapist, and last but not least, the hometown of the physical therapist. It is clear why the education influences the income for a physical therapist, it is very common that people with higher and better education are paid better. The fact that how skilful the therapist is influences his salary is self-explanatory. Also, more experienced physical therapists usually have more knowledge and that enables them to get more money for what they do. Experience is important in any profession, so it is in physical therapy.

Income for a physical therapist in the USA

Within the United States the average income for a physical therapist is about $78,000 per year. And one hour’s work of a physical therapist is paid about $38.00. Usually, physiotherapists work for 40 hours weekly, although some of them work less, i.e. part-time. Also, it is common that physiotherapists work Monday-Friday. There are exceptions, though some therapists work on weekends because of the patients. New therapists, without lots of experience behind them can earn up to $25,00 less than experienced therapists. The lowest income for being a physical therapist is about $50,000, while the highest is more than one hundred thousand dollars, which means more than 100% difference.

Differences in the income from state to state

There is a huge difference in the income for a physical therapist between states within the US and also between towns and cities within one state. The income for being a physical therapist is the highest in Alaska and the lowest in North Dakota. It is curious that the highest average income in a state, Alaska, is by $5,000 greater that the income in the second state, New Jersey, while the lowest, North Dakota, is also by $5,000 lower than the income in the second least state when it comes to income for a physical therapist, Montana.



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