Income Of Physical Therapist – The Social Aspect

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Being a physical therapist sounds like a good job to most. Maybe you know someone who had training as a physical therapist and works as one, or maybe you are one. The income of physical therapist is decent in most cases, and the job itself is generally nice. But as with all jobs, there are multiple aspects to consider.

Income of physical therapist – Common misconceptions

Personally, I’ve met and still hang around with several people working as physical therapist, and one could say it’s a very interesting job. But as I’ve learned, the concept of being a physical therapist is quite wide, and you may end up doing something drastically different from some other physical therapist. The type of work you’re doing also greatly affects the income of physical therapist. One of the most common jobs for physical therapists can be giving basic massages in massage parlors, gym centers or private recovery facility. One of my friends is actually bothered with that, since people often associate physical therapists with masseurs. This has also happened to her with an employer who paid her much lower than the standard monthly income of physical therapist. The training program for a licensed physical therapist is completely different than a masseur training program in most cases, and the training costs are also greater.

Income of physical therapist – The jobs

As stated before, the income of physical therapist can vary greatly, depending on where you work and what exactly you do. One of my friends works in a hospital on the ward for patient rehabilitation, while the other works at a private retirement home. Let’s call them Joe and Jane. Jane works in the retirement home, while Joe works in the hospital. So, most people would think that a public hospital would pay better than a private facility. Actually, that is not the case, and the income of physical therapist is typically higher in private facilities than in public hospitals. But there are good sides to that. If you work in hospitals as a physical therapist and an accident happens or something needs to be cleaned up, hospital nurses will usually take care of that. Joe loves that, since patients with certain physical disabilities can occasionally make a mess of themselves, and he doesn’t need to clean it up himself. He can focus on performing exercises with his patients and do his work effectively. Jane, working in a retirement home, has to clean up after her patients herself sometimes. So even though she has the higher income of physical therapist between the two, she’s currently not too pleased with her job, often even saying that she does anything but actual physical therapy.

Income of physical therapist –The time aspect

Typically, the best income of physical therapist can be made by working in private hospitals. Private hospitals typically have a reputation of being much more dedicated to their patients. Actually, Joe worked at a private hospital directly after his training, and he often complained about not having enough free time for himself. Private hospitals may offer the highest income of physical therapist, but they may expect you to be available at all times during the day. Their patients may want to schedule a massage or therapy session outside your regular work hour, and you may be required to travel to the patients homes in some cases. Basically, the income of physical therapist is not everything if you’re considering working as one. The job has many requirements and you may end up doing things you didn’t expect. But the job itself can be very rewarding since you help people get healthier most of the time, and may meet many interesting people since you have to interact with them during your job.



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