Intervention Radiologist

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Intervention radiologist is surgeon who diagnoses the ailment with the help of interventional radiology. These medical practitioners have bring revolution in the history of surgery and due to them now many diseases can be treated just with the help of interventional instruments like needle or catheter, which reduce the large incision. Intervention radiologist has overcome the fear of patient. There are patients who are afraid of surgery and hence it becomes quite difficult for then doctors to treat them and avail them the proper diagnosis. But due to interventional radiology it is now very easy to treat many diseases without any surgery. Intervention radiologist has provided the patient a great relief by introducing interventional radiology.

Degree for intervention radiologist

Intervention radiologist undertakes a lengthy educational degree. But this course duration vary from one country to another country. If someone is studying at U.S, then, at first they have to complete their college degree, and on later stage they have to pursue a four year medical degree. Along with the medical school, they have to undertake training in general medicine and surgery. After this one has to undertake four year diagnostic radiology residency program and again one to two year more fellowship for vascular and interventional radiology. But to make the education for Intervention radiologist bit short, Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR), has introduced two alternative ways. The two alternative pathways are Direct and clinical Pathways. Along with these two pathways one can also go for Dual certificate and Pediatric program to be an Intervention radiologist.

Charles Dotter- Intervention radiologist

Intervention radiologist has been in the medical field since the year 1968. It is bit new field in medical science and showing it immense importance over last three decades. This field was first discovered by Charkes Dotter and he is known as “Father of Interventional Radiology”. He is first treated an Old woman of 82 years old, who was having some problem with her feet. But due to her old age, she was afraid of surgery. So, Charles Dotter along with Bill Cook, who was advanced device maker, invented new technique which reduced large incision in human body. He was the first Intervention radiologist. After him many other pioneer followed him and added their name to the list of Intervention radiologist.

Major contribution of pioneer Intervention radiologist

Intervention radiologist first came up with the technique angioplasty in the year 1964. It was the first step in the method of interventional radiology and then came the embolization therapy, in the year 1966. It was followed by coronary angiography, which is also known as Judkin technique. After this a major invention was invented by Intervention radiologist, which was used to cure heart defect in new born babies. This was very important because in new born, it is very difficult to perform surgery, so, it was really a great advantage. This invention was followed by many other discoveries and in the year 1997, intra arterial delivery of tumor killing viruses and gene therapy vector was developed. And the most recent invention by Intervention radiologist is laser endovenous laser ablation procedure for treatment of varicose vein and venous diseases



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