Interventional Radiography

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Interventional radiography is branch of radiology where is used for diagnosis and treatment of patients in less incisive manner. For this treatment the images like x-rays, ultra sound, Ct scans and MRI are done and then these images are used by the doctors for diagnosis. This method is useful for patient health. This method is useful for every organ system and is quite accepted by the doctors now-a-days. Interventional radiography utilize minimally invasive techniques to diagnosis the ailments in almost every organ of the body. This method involves the use of needle and narrow tube like instruments called as catheters in spite of making large incisions. Due to this diagnosis technique many diseases which one required surgery, now can be treated without surgery. Even many types of cancer are treated with this technology. If the cancer is detected in its first stage, then no surgery is required to treat it. So, by Interventional radiography the infection rates and recovery time of the patients has been reduced.

Education for Interventional radiography

Interventional radiography as been introduced as new subjects and scope of this subject has increased in recent times. The course work of this subject varies from place to place. Like in U.S, one has to complete a college degree, with the college degree, for four years of medicine school and one year training in general medicine or surgery, four year diagnostic radiology residency program and at last one year fellowship in Interventional radiography. But due to this lengthy procedure two alternative options have been introduced by Society of Interventional Radiology. The two options are “Direct” and “Clinical”. Dual certificate course and Pediatric are two programs which are introduced to learn Interventional radiography.

Vascular disorder treated by Interventional radiography

Interventional radiography is successfully treating many diseases like varicose veins, peripheral artery Disease, Deep Vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, IVC filter placement, abdominal aortic aneurysms, thoracic aortic aneurysm, acute limb ischemia etc. Earlier these diseases were treated with the help of surgery but now with the help of Interventional radiography, no surgery us required to treat them. There is great relief to the patients as they are not supposed to undergo large incision. So, people undergoing any vascular disorder are just treated with the help of Interventional radiography.

Cancer Treatment by Interventional radiography

Interventional radiography can be successfully used to treat many types of cancer in their first stage. Tumor can be diagnosed with this treatment procedure. The cancer occurring in the different body organs like liver cancer, Kidney cancer, Lung Cancer, Bone cancer, Prostate cancer and Breast cancer can be cured with the help of Interventional radiography. But earlier one used to undergo large incision to treat these types of cancer. Moreover if these types of cancer are detected at early stage and diagnosed with this technology, then the risk of death of patient is reduced. Moreover, if it is detected earlier, no chemotherapy is also required. So, importance of Interventional radiography is really a boon to medical science.



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