Interventional Radiology

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Interventional radiology is another medical boon which has provide great relief to the patient who afraid to undergo surgery. It is a technique which can reduce the large incisions but can treat the diseases. It provide a great relief to the patient and hence reduce harmful the side effects after surgery. The infection rate and recovery period of patient has reduced due to the interventional radiology. It is now used to diagnosis many diseases including cancer. The diseases are first diagnosis with the help of images likes X-Ray, CT scan, MRI etc and then instead of surgery, they are treated with help of interventional instrument like needle and narrow shaped tube called as catheters. So, by interventional radiology, the physical trauma of patient is just reduced.

History of interventional radiology

Interventional radiology was first invented by Charles Dotter and Bill Cook while treating an old woman of 82 years old. She refused for her surgery at her feet so, Charles Dotter treated the old woman with the help of catheter. Arterial peripheral diseases were treated with the help of angioplasty and catheter delivered stent. Charles Dotter is known as “Father of Interventional Radiology” and for discovering interventional radiology; he was award with Nobel Prize in the year 1978. Alexander Marguis coned the name as “interventional”. The slowly the field was more developed and Ander Lunderquist treated variceal bleeding and later on more development was added with the treatment of oncology. Thus interventional radiology has left a great impact on medical science and more new discoveries are still going on.

Women Health Disorder treated by interventional radiology

Interventional radiology is successfully treating the disease for women. Women are more afraid of surgery and hence this technology has been really a boon to them. The diseases of women like uterine Fibroids, Pelvic congestion syndrome and infertility can be treated with this technology. The reproductive organs are quite sensitive and if those organs undergo surgery, then it becomes quite critical for woman. So, with the help of interventional radiology, women have got a great relief and they are not supposed to take the pain of surgery and its side effects. The interventional instrument like catheter is used to treat these diseases. The treatment of uterine fibroid is done with the technology called as “uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) or uteriune artery embolization. Embolization technology has been great as interventional radiology.

Kidney disorder treatment by interventional radiology

Interventional radiology is also being used for successful diagnosis and treatment of many kidney disorders. The various kidney disorders like renal artery stenosis, Renal Failure or Dialysis catheter placement, Dialysis fistula, Nephrostomy tube placement. Nay blockage in the artery of kidney led to several kind of disorder in kidney, so it can be cured easily by the treatment of interventional radiology. The procedure like angioplasty and catheters are used to treat these diseases. The renal artery stenosis is treated with the help of angioplasty, which is also called as angioplasty. So, to treatment ailments interventional radiology is the best option with less of pain to patient.



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