Medical Dental School Basic Info

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When I had to decide where to go to school, medical dental schoolwas one of my few top options. I was between dental, veterinarian or school of economics. After many days of thinking and exploring my options I decide to go with my dental school. One of my many reasons was a girl I liked also was planning to go to that dental school. It wasn’t like I pictured in my head, but that’s life, things are not like them seem to be. But in this case it was much better. I loved being in my medical dental school and studying to become a dentist.

Why medical dental school?

As I said one of the main reason was this girl, you know when you are young you just follow your heart and it lead me right in to that medical dental school I probably liked the idea that one day I would become a doctor wearing a white coat and fix and treat people teeth. You know the smile is the first think a person see at you (of course if you ever smile, LOL) and is a crucial thing to have a bright and wonderful smile. It leaves a positive impression to a person. After a while a lost interest in that girl, but I found another girl. The girl that I’ve lost interest in was the one to blame for me to enroll in medical dental school. In time my passion for this school was getting bigger and bigger. I was determined to finish my education and become a dental doctor one day.

Benefits of going in to medical dental school

Let’s face it every one in some point of their lives, even for a moment wants to be a doctor. Is there any more noble profession like being a doctor and help other people. Not in my opinion. Going to medical dental school and some day being a dental doctor is very cool. Also dental doctor is very appreciating profession. You can specialize just for kid’s treatment or adults. As a dental doctor your teeth always have to be healthy and clean. If you’d like to make a good impression to your patients give them to notice that you take your job seriously. It all starts with you.

Some period after I studied at medical dental school

I specialized and I become a dental doctor for kids. It’s very interesting and fun profession when you work with kids. Not very fun when they cry but still I love it and I try to be as good I can be. You know when you work with kids like every other thing u do with them you have to be patient. I don’t know I should probably send my thanks to the girl that in some way led me to the medical dental school. And today thanks to her with her partially role I became a dental doctor because she was one of the reasons if got in the medical dental school.



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