National League For Nursing

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National league for nursing is a training institute for nurses, situated at New York. It was established in the year 1893 and was named as American Society of Superintendents of Training Schools. It was the first training institute for nursing at United States. The institute of National league for nursing is headquartered at New York and the board members are elected by membership for three years. In the twenty first century, it is one of the well known nursing institutes in Unites States. It is serving the nation by providing quality nurses, who are well trained and are capable of providing the best service. The league for nursing also provides various faculty and resource programs, along with many recognized programs for students.

Objective of National league for nursing

National league for nursing aims to provide work force for the advancement of nation’s health by providing better quality education to nurse and trains them in the best manner. It aims to provide leadership training to the nurses, so that they can excel in their field by providing their services to the mankind. They aim to make more advancement in nursing education and technology. National league for nursing further aims to build a diverse organization where the members are more committed to work for their goal. To make the nurses more interested in fields like politics and professional areas is also one of the objectives of National league for nursing.

Online Faculty Programs by National league for nursing

National league for nursing provides online courses in many nursing programs. The courses which are available online are teachings in nursing, evaluation in nursing and computer technology for nurse educators. Teaching in nursing includes the principle of instruction and there educational theories, strategies for teaching, etc are taught. The duration of the course is three months. The other online courses offered by National league for nursing is evaluation in nursing and it includes assessment strategies. Computer technology for the nursing educators is the third online course provided by National league for nursing.

Recognized program of National league for nursing

National league for nursing provides many recognized programs for the students. The recognized program list includes Academy for Nursing Education, centers of Excellence Program, students “Excellence Paper” Competition and Certified Nurse educators. National league for nursing provides these programs to enhance the capability of students and hence these are helpful for training the students in better manner. Like Academy of Nursing education emphasize on developing the wisdom inside and outside of the profession. Another program, “Centre of excellence Program” helps in recognizing the schools of health care and nursing organization which have gained excellence in their field, whereas, certified nurse educators provides certification. Certification is the sign of professionalism and it makes this nursing education more special field to study. With these entire approaches National league for nursing is excelling in their in fulfilling their goals or the major objectives.



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