Neonatal Nurse – Overview

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Neonatal nurse in nursing cares for the newborn babies or infants up to the age of 28 to 30 days after their birth.

It is the time when the newborn infant tries harder to manage the outer world with its body specifications- so as to live properly. Usually, it is the time which is difficult for the infant baby to cope up with the outer world, which is quite different from the mother’s womb; the stage which is difficult enough for the newborn to brawl for its existence in this outer world with perfection. Basically, it is the profession in which you will have to manage the kids which are either sick, injured and need the doctor approach to heal the report. These nurses even have to deal with some of the other job responsibilities as well. Well, the newborn has to fight with these terrible, different and newbie conditions, but attains the perfect assistance from the neonatal nurse- which is known for their duty to support the newborn born baby or infant with perfect medication and care. Neonatal is the term which is derived from the ‘neo’ or new. Whereas, the natal means the option which is pertaining to take its birth or origin- which is new to this world and looking for the specification to originate itself.

Neonatal nurses or applications are also known as the vital part to engage with the Neonatal Care team; they care for the newborn babies, with perfect medical support to retain the existence.

The nurses which are appointed or assigned with the duties in neonatal intensive care unit or the Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing are known as the neonatal nurses. A neonatal nurse is typically appointed by the hospitals in order to care for the newborn infants who are diseased or critically ill. There are certain levels in the neonatal nursery where a neonatal nurse has to perform; they are:

1)      The duty which comprises level one is to care the healthy newborns. This level is quite unknown with their aspect in the United States. Healthy babies share a room with their parents and get the discharge from the hospitals quickly.

2)      The duty which comprises level two is to provide the special care for the premature or the sick newborns. It is the level which needs a perfect support of the experienced neonatal nurse. At this stage, the infants might need some special therapies which are necessary enough to cure the patients.

3)      The duty which comprises level three is NICU or the Neonatal intensive care unit, which treats the newborns that are impossible to cure with the first two standards. This level asks for the perfect utilization of medical technology, which is attained with neonatal nurse support- which helps the newborn baby to survive. Neonatal nurses comprise more than 90 percent of NICU staff.

They directly report to specialists or the neonatologists who are supervising the care units with ill infants. It is their duty as a Neonatal nurse to benefit the newborn’s health from any of the risks which can suitably avoid the fatal risks.



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