Nursing Association And Nurses

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Today you can find a nursing association in every country, and in some countries there are several of them – every single nursing association serves to educate the nurses and the public about the profession of nursing, to advance it and protect it. Every association will offer a number of programs for their members; raise awareness about the issues in the profession and what can be done to improve it.

Nursing association education

If you want to become a nurse, the best way to get all the relevant information you need is through a Nursing association – they will offer you every resource you can get in order to get ready for nursing school. As any other medical specialist, a nurse has to undergo a National Council Licensure Examination after finishing the education. As for the education, the most common path to become a registered nurse is through schools of nursing which are hospital-based. The nursing association will have information on what kind of degrees you can obtain and what you can do when obtaining one. There are two undergraduate degrees a two year degree called Associate Degree in Nursing and a four year degree called Bachelor of Science in Nursing. There are also three graduate degrees – the master’s degree, the doctor of philosophy and the doctor of nursing practice. After finishing the education, you will have to take a Licensure Examination, and the nursing association will also give you all the information to get your license.

Nursing association problems within the profession

Every association will point out that there are many problems within the nursing profession – one of the biggest problems is that there are not enough nurses, and because of that the nurses are working with too many patients and too many different roles at once, and this makes the job very stressful. There are also other problems, and this is where a nursing association will take an active role – nurses are still treated as someone who just has to follow the orders from the doctor, and do what he said has to be done. This is far from true, because nurses are much more than that – they will do everything in their power to make it easier for their patients and to cheer them up and light up their day, they take care of the families too, and they will stand by your side and try to take away the pain and fear that comes with a bad diagnosis. One of the goals of every nursing association is making the working environment for the nurses a better place.

Nursing association making the profession better

As there are many problems with the nursing profession, a nursing association will do everything in its power to improve the situation – a nursing association will usually have their own policy program, and they will try getting attention from the policymakers in order to make the working environment for the nurses better, less stressful and without overload. Every nursing association is linked to many other similar associations; they meet once or several times a year and discuss the best way to take action for a better treatment of nurses in their profession.



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