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The NVQ, or the National Vocational Qualification is an award program in England that’s about rewarding and acknowledging successes in vocational efforts regarding high efficiency in a certain area of business, industry, or commercial sciences. There are specific standards that are required in receiving a NVQ award and are generally based on black on white efficiency.

Five levels of the NVQ awarding program

The NVQ program is hosted in England, but there is another similar reward program in Scotland, called the svq on the Scottish Vocational Qualification. Many different types of NVQ exist, so an industry worker might receive an award in the field of industry and production. There are multiple levels also, ranging from level 1 to level 5, where the level 1 awards are assigned to basic workers, and level 5 awards are assigned to managers, directors and similar. It’s important to note that tasks rewarded by these awards always become more and more difficult from level 1 to level 5, in a sense of higher responsibility rate and risks involved. Nevertheless, all of these NVQ awards are a great accomplishment at any level, and certainly a great document to have with you if you’re trying to get a promotion.

Equivalency of NVQ awards with classic academic degrees

People commonly like to put any vocational awards in a perspective that includes the classic academic degrees. Such is the case with the NVQ awards as well, comparisons ranging from some basic certificates regarding a specific line of work up to Ph.D. diplomas. These equivalencies have been approved by the government of education in England, and NVQ awards can be used while looking for a job, a raise or a promotion in a same way one would do with a normal diploma. Some employees find the National Vocational Qualification certificates a better indicator of a worker’s quality than the classic diploma, since by receiving a NVQ award, qualities regarding actual work and experience are acknowledged and can be gained only with hard work and dedication. A classic diploma is a great indicator for one’s knowledge gained while on college, but doesn’t necessarily mean that a person with it is a good worker.

Attending NVQ courses

If you’re interested in acquiring a NVQ certificate of your own, there are some tutoring institutions found online and can be of great help once you start searching for means to get the certificate you desire. Most of these institutions might have an NVQ education program that suits you, but if they don’t, they ought to have contacts that will help you get situated and started. You can take these courses whether you are employed full time, or a student with a part time job, looking forward to being recognized as a quality worker before even getting a full time job. This is time consuming, but will certainly pay off once you get off college and start looking for work, especially in times like these, when the economy faces some serious challenges. Apply for your NVQ certificate as soon as possible; it will help you a lot once you start building your career.



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