Pharmacy School Requirements

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When you were a teenager, it was hard to choose which school you wanted to go to and what you wanted to do with your life. Most of your friends already knew what their dream profession was and they started preparing for it. When you look back now, it was actually good that you had no idea what you wanted to be, because you got your inspiration from all the different ideas from people around you. It’s time to apply to college now, and you have decided you want to work in pharmacy. The pharmacy school requirements are still unknown to you; you have to check out if you will be able to meet the school requirements. Different schools of pharmacy are members of different pharmacy programs, and school requirements are different because of these programs.

There are two main ways you can meet your pharmacy school requirements:

• a two year pre-pharmacy undergraduate program
• a four year program leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in biology, chemistry or a similar field

Among other pharmacy school requirements, almost every pharmacy school will ask you for your PCAT score. PCAT is a Pharmacy College Admission Test, and it’s made of seven sections – biology, chemistry, verbal ability, quantative ability, reading comprehension and two writing sections. Meeting the school requirements alone isn’t enough, as the interest for this field is large and the competition is rather harsh, and you will have better chances with exceptional results.

Pharmacy school requirements what else will help you?

As said before, it’s hard to get into a pharmacy school, not only because of the pharmacy school requirements, but because of the competition too; there are many people who share your interests for this field, and they all are as eager as you to get in. First of all, what will greatly improve your chances to get into the pharmacy school you desire is to be near the top when it comes to pharmacy school requirements – high grades will definitely help you there, and a good reference might be just enough to make a difference. High grades are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pharmacy school requirements – they may also include essays, interviews or even on-campus activities.

What courses should you have in college in order to make it to pharmacy school?

If you wish to meet the pharmacy school requirements, you have to choose your college classes carefully – the usual classes you should listen to include general chemistry and organic chemistry (preferably with labs too), general biology, physics, anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology and calculus. The best way to meet the pharmacy school requirements is to go to the website of your desired pharmacy school and see what their expectations are. This way you are sure to meet the pharmacy school requirements and you can focus on getting high grades and preferably a bachelor’s degree. Good luck with your studies.



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