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Physical therapist do lot of works. Who is physical therapist? And what is physical therapist do? Physical therapy is a health care profession. It is concerned with identifying and maximizing quality of life within the spheres of promotion, diagnosis, rehabilitation etc. The physical therapists do provide health care who work with injured patients to help them to become mobile again. They generally earn a master degree and works in hospitals or private clinics. Physical therapists help patients to overcome permanent and temporary disabilities, especially those who recover from surgery and heart attacks. History: There is a history of physical therapists. Physicians like Hippocrates and later on Galenus are taken as the first practitioners of physical therapy to treat people in 460B.C. but as the earliest documented origins of actual physical as a professional group , ‘father of Swedish gymnastics’ who founded royal centre institute of Gymnastic in 1813 for massage, manipulation and exercise. Then modern physical therapy was established in England towards the end of 19th century. During 1st world war women were recruited to work with the injured soldiers and thus after many evaluations a modern day physical therapist do come into market.

Physical therapist do How does a physical therapist work?

Physical therapist do use exercise to treat mobility and flexibility problems. They also teach patients how to continue the exercise in future. Most of the physical therapist do use tissue massage to improve the blood circulation in future. Physical therapists do instruct patients in the use of crutches, walkers and prostheses.

Physical therapist do What are the special fields of physical therapists?

Physical therapist do concentrate on some special zones as the body of knowledge of their domain is quite large. Cardiovascular and pulmonary: patients who have pulmonary rehabilitation or cardiac or pulmonary surgery, physiotherapist job is very much need to them.

• Clinical electrophysiology is also a special area.

• Geriatric: it covers a wide area of issues.

• Integumentary: this treatment used to manage wounds and burns. In such cases physical therapists use surgical instruments. Etc.

• Neurological: it is kind of patients who have no neurological disorder disease. These include Alzheimer’s disease. Physiotherapists may address many of these impairments and thus aids in restoring and maintaining functions, by slowing disease progression and thus improves quality of life.

• Orthopedic: orthopedic physical therapists diagnose, manage and treat disorders including rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery. Joint and spine mobilization, therapeutic exercise, electrical muscle stimulation often recovers in orthopedic setting.

• Pediatric: these type of physical therapists do specialization in various domains like diagnosis, treatment and managements of infants or children. This treatment focuses on improving gross and fine motor skills, balance and strength and co-ordination.

• Sports: physical therapists are involved to care the sportspersons from different fields. Injury managements and also active in sports medicine program, are also part of sport physical therapists. To know more use relevant keywords for surfing like ‘physical therapist’ or ‘physical therapist do’.

Physical therapist do Need of physical therapists:

Day by day the needs of physical therapist do increase. Advances in medical technology also showing new paths for physical therapists and thus open a new era of physical therapists. So what a physical therapist do, can’t be done by other and here lies the on growing popularity of a physical therapists. So on a whole physical therapist do serve their respective countries.



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