Physical Therapist Tech Salary

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Physical therapist tech salary depends on various subjects. Generally a physical therapist technician means the person who helps the physical therapist in treating patients in rehabilitation centers. She/he works under the supervision and dictation of the physical therapist. Generally there are two kinds of physical therapist technicians. A physical therapist tech salary depends on the educational requirements and on the basis of experience as well. For example there must be some requirements before hiring any technicians by the physical therapist. Sometimes on the money offered by him also makes differences in a physical therapist tech salary.

The basic requirements needed to be a physical therapist tech salary

Physical therapist tech salary also depends on some criterion. Generally there are two positions that can both fall under the title of physical therapy technicians: physical therapist assistants and physical therapist aides. So physical therapist tech salary is much higher than physical therapist aides. In the year 2009, the U.S bureau of labor statistics stated that a physical therapist aides hourly income is $11.42 and annually approx $23,760. In contrast to that a physical therapist technician incomes almost double of the physical therapist aides. The annual income is approx $46,140 almost. So if someone wants to earn more, it’s better to become a technician as because physical therapist tech salary is much.

It’s important to find he states where a physical therapist tech salary is big

Physical therapist tech salary depends on certain area specific and if someone chose this particular position, he/she must look for those industries which pay well. According to the U.S

Bureau of labor statistics, the highest paying industry of a physical therapist assistant is in home health care services. There a physical therapist tech salary is approx $56,460 approx. other high paying industries are employment services, nursing care facilities, individual and family services and other vocational rehabilitation centers. The state where a physical therapist tech earns maximum is California and the approx income is $55,730 annually. Other states that pay well are like Nevada, Texas, Florida, and Tennessee. Even if someone chooses to be physical therapist aides, he/she also must look for the states that pay them well. So it’s very important that a person or a physical therapist assistant who wants to income more from his profession, to start their work in such states where the potential of improvement is much higher in terms of physical therapist tech salary.

Potential salary of physical therapist tech

Physical therapist tech salary can be defined as such that if someone receives on the jo0b training instead of completing a degree program, the person will start out as a physical therapy aide and there will be a chance that he can be a potential physical therapist assistant. The median income of therapy assistants in all states was $41360 in the month of May 2006, according to a survey. The highest potential of a physical therapist tech salary can be maximum $55, 460 in the state California. So in general it can be concluded that there are enough potential in physical therapist tech salary.

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