Physical Therapists Assistant Income

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Physical therapists assistant income depends on various matters and how much money he/she can make out of the profession, is the main concern of this article. Here the job duty of an assistant physical therapists and requirements also stated briefly.

Who is a physical therapist assistant? What is the main criterion needed to be a physical therapy assistant? And what is the physical therapist assistant income? Generally who would not like to help a stroke victim to walk again, or a paralyzed victim to bring back in his normal life? Physical therapy assistant as the name suggests are the people who assist the main physical therapist and also an integral part of the healing team and helping patients recover from illness or surgery in quick succession. This job requires an expertise in a variety of methods for easing pain or restoring physical function. This also requires a mix of practical and personal skills. Here EQ matters as much as IQ does as physical therapy demands much interaction with patients. The job prospects of physical therapists assistant income are very good, even experienced assistants expected to have the best opportunities.

Physical therapists assistant income Details about their pay scale

Generally a Physical therapists assistant income in average is $46300 approx annually. On Upward mobility and activity level physical therapist assistant income depends sometimes. Physical therapist assistant can be a tiring job, as it requires long hours of standing, stooping and kneeling and it constantly lift or support the weight of another person. Physical therapists assistant income though depends on various subjects. The stress level is also very high in this job.

Physical therapists assistant income Salary range

Physical therapists assistant income and salary range depends. While the lowest paid 10 percent of physical therapy assistants received salaries of about $28580, the highest paid 10percent earned $68830 in 2008. Some of the largest employers of physical therapist assistant income average salaries of $44800 and $45190 in average respectively. In a survey it was shown that in the year 2008, the highest paying physical therapists assistant income were from home health care services, medical staffing and employment services and nursing care facilities.

Physical therapists assistant income Highest paying areas:

In a survey of 2008 the highest paying physical therapists assistant income was California, Nevada, Texas, Florida and Tennessee. There physical therapists assistant income was average $49840- $55730. In many places a physical therapist assistant’s job is a good way to become a physical therapist in future. Some states even require to work as a physical therapist assistant before one can become a licenses physical therapist. The number of physical therapists assistants and aides was expected to grow by almost 3o percent between 2006 and 2010. Generally a physical therapist assistant works under the guidance of a physical therapist to provide treatment procedures that help patients to improve their mobility. A physical therapists assistant income also depends on experience. Salary comparison websites have conducted a detailed survey and highlighted that a assistant who has a job less than a year has a salary between $30775- $42828 per year, whereas the assistant with 4 or more years of job earns a salary was more than $45600.

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