Physical Therapy Licensure

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The process of physical therapy licensure in the USA depends on what state you live in, because every state regulates the physical therapy licensure individually. Every state has its own laws, so if you have your license in one state, that doesn’t mean you can do your work in every other state; if you want to do your work in another state, you will have to go through the physical therapy licensure process in that state again.

Physical therapy licensure the process

If you want to work as a physical therapist in the United States, first you have to go through the physical therapy licensure process. The very first thing you have to do is to pass the National Physical Therapy Examination (the NPTE). The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy watches over the examination, but they don’t have any authority in the physical therapy licensure process – the licensure itself is done by every state individually. The NPTE isn’t the only step you have to take in the physical therapy licensure process, because some states will have more requirements.

Physical therapy licensure what about moving to another state?

When you undergo the physical therapy licensure procedure, you will get a license for the state in which you applied for the license. Your license will be valid only in that state, and therefore it is important that you, as a physical therapist or a physical therapist assistant, are familiar with the laws of the state you are moving into. Before you move, you have to get all the information on the physical therapy licensure process in the state you desire – you can contact the licensing board in the state you want to move to, but you should finish the physical therapy licensure for that state before you move, otherwise you will not be able to work there until you get the license. Because of that, it is of most importance that you have the license before you change your address.

Physical therapy licensure what do I do if I’m not from the US but want to work there?

If you are considering moving to the United States, but you don’t have a license from the States, you will undergo a bit more complicated procedure for physical therapy licensure. First you have to choose the state you want to work in, same as physical therapists or assistants who are relocating. Since there is no national body for physical therapy licensure in the US, every state has its own requirements, and you will have to get familiar with them – you can do this by contacting the authority of the state so they give you details on what you have to do. For a successful physical therapy licensure, you will undergo a credentialing process and you will also have to complete the NPTE. You can look up the requirements for the license for every state on the internet, and you will soon know what you will have to do.



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