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Physical therapy one is a company founded in 1997 and has proved to be one of the best clinics when it comes to your physiotherapeutic needs and wishes. It’s operating in the Kalamazoo area and is an independent company with a website and forums for all your additional questions. In this article we’ll cover in short what is the Physical therapy one all about.

Physical therapy one will get you back

At Physical therapy one, the staff is focused solely on one thing and that is the overall excellence in the field of physiotherapies. Many satisfied customers can witness the high quality of Physical therapy  service, which really can get you back to your daily life routines by curing those nasty pains in your back, legs, neck and etc. with methods that are proven to be efficient. Therapies at Physical therapy one are private in nature and every customer will be assigned a therapist so that these two can work as a team with a single goal of accomplishing better health and learning more about what has the patient done wrong before and how to fix in the future. We can’t put enough emphasis on self-education and applying all that you’ll learn here at Physical therapy one.

Physical therapy one specialty programs

As we are a private session physical therapy company, it’s important for us and you to have specialty programs so we can adapt to any type of physical therapy you may need. At Physical therapy one there are many specialists employed where you can receive treatment or advising about your issue. These specialty programs include Orthopedic Rehabilitation, in which this program is set to accomplish the given task with a strictly followed program of exercises. There is extensive post and pre operative surgical care at Physical therapy one, so you’re covered. Vestibular rehabilitation represents the type of treatment in which patients are taken through a program which will take care of their dizziness problem, or any other problems related to balance. Wellness program is there for those customers who have accomplished their goals in some of the other programs found at Physical therapy one and would like to continue working out in the same manner.

Physical therapy one staff

Every single employee at Physical therapy one has a degree in any licensed physical therapy study program. These programs always include practical experience and therefore we at Physical therapy one also offer education programs for students, as well as scholarships for those students who want to start working at Physical therapy one immediately after finishing their studies. Two co-owners manage the complex, Joe Walters and Leah Walters, both graduated in Illinois physical therapy program in Chicago. We employ at about twenty licensed physiotherapists and are employing every now and then as our business is growing.



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