Physician Therapist

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Simply put, physician therapist is a person having completed high education, whose job is helping other people. Such assistance may refer to helping people recover from some physical injury, but also from emotional problems.

What should I do so I can become physician therapist?

First and foremost, in order to become physician therapist, one needs to have adequate educational background. What this means is that you should enroll at a higher education establishment, where you can be trained to become a physician therapist. The education you will need is not limited to getting bachelor’s degree. You will also need master or doctorate degree in your area of specialty. Not all physician therapists go the same school. Depending on the area of expertise there are physician therapists working in the area of physical therapy, psychology, psychiatry, social works, school psychology, family and marriage, couples counseling and religion. Next step after having completed your education, you will need to pass the national exam (if any) and acquire some skills. The process of acquiring skills is not only referring to the professional skills, which can be obtained by means of apprenticeship or professional trainings, but you will also need to acquire some soft skills which will help you in your communication with customers. In this context, you will need as much experience as you can get. Try to attend as much trainings and seminars as possible. And, of course, seize every opportunity that is presented to you to practically implement your knowledge. Last but not the least, invest as much efforts as you can and be passionate about your job. Medicine is continuously changing field, there are many new discoveries, progress and advancements. A good physician therapist should be interested in the problems his/her clients face, must show compassion and be sincere.

What type of physician therapists are there?

There are several types of physician therapists, such as psychotherapists, psychologists, school psychologists, psychiatrist, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, social workers, psychiatric nurses and pastoral counselors. Psychotherapist is a general term referring to all specialists providing psychotherapy. Psychologists are persons, holders of doctoral degree in psychology. School psychologists work with school children, teachers and parents providing services in the area of protection of mental health of children. Psychiatrists are persons providing therapy to persons suffering from psychiatric disorders.

Other types of physician therapist

Mental health counselors provide therapy and counseling in the area of mental health issues. Marriage and family therapist specialize in marriage and family therapy and provide assessments and psychotherapy for psychological issues occurring in marriages and families. In this context, we can mention couple therapy or couple counseling. Social workers, as type of physician therapists, provide wide range of services, including assessment, counseling, psychotherapy, and case management. Psychiatric nurses provide nursing care in psychiatric treatments. Pastoral counselors rely on religion to provide treatment and services related to mental health issues. We hope that we have managed to help you in the choice of your future profession as physician therapist.



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