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PT physical training is all about some hard physical training. What are the rules, terms and conditions? Everything is provided in details in the article. PT Physical training is very important to keep body fitness and remain healthy. To choose the right program is very important. So to keep body fit and healthy one should do PT physical training on a regular basis.

Purpose of PT physical training

PT physical training has immense purposes. It helps to build stamina again; well run up PT physical training helps to build up the discipline, cohesion, morale and motivation. It can show the right path to a person. It helps to bind a particular individual in discipline and can easily take him/her out of any wrong path. Though, many have a confusion regarding PT physical training that the purpose of it is to play, but it’s not so. Organized athletics and pt physical training are not same, in spite of the fact that they both are a part of training. But organized athletics should be organized separately from pt.

Generally some PT physical training routine needs to be followed. In the morning at least 60mins of continuous motion without ease breaks. A pt unit starts together and ends together in the routine session. Generally warm-up stretches, run a distance and warm down stretches are required in the session.

A PT training philosophy is followed while training. These are as such:

1) One need to be tough on Mondays as this the starts of week days and thus discourages the week-end-benders.

2) Company and battalion level pt allows leaders to take pt physical training with the subordinates. This is called leadership formation.

3) A pt physical training should include tough days, easy days and rest days.

4) Everyone should take part in pt training. No sick call is provided. A whole unit wears uniform PT attire.

5) PT physical training never got cancelled due to weather.

6) A formation and commands need to be followed must.

What is stamina PT physical training all about?

PT physical training is very important. A person, who does not get tired easily and thus maintains his /her ability to think in a correct way after whole day of stress, is the key requirement. PT physical training helps to build stamina. Stamina is an ability to resist pain, fatigue; hardship etc. aerobics exercise helps to build stamina, running a distance with load also very helpful to build up stamina. The uniform of stamina pt should be combat, so that weapons can be carried. Every unit should cross at least minimum unimproved road as well s in record breaking time. Foot March training provides physical fitness and a strength to develop lower body. Endurance course is also there. Obstacles will be provide throughout the course, such as crawling obstacles, rolling obstacles, balance obstacles, jumping obstacles etc in PT physical training.

PT physical training completion:

PT physical training completion are often held .There are different types held like weapons skills, truck pull, relay race, team against team competition. 5th airborne Brigade, British army ‘March and Shoot’ completion, Gun run target shooting, steep hill completion also takes place. Except that hunters on helicopters, vehicles and motorcycles also is a part of PT physical training completion. Food: Taking proper food is very important in it. Simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates supply power to human body. Beside that there is a chart of foods before taking up any kind of energy event. One needs to follow all the steps PT physical training.



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