Radiology Departments In Hospitals

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Radiology is a branch in medicine that uses medical imaging for diagnosing and treating purposes. Every renowned hospital has radiology departments and there is a great competition between the radiology departments of different hospitals because the scientists in this field are constantly advancing and creating new technology. Many radiology departments have their own research programs. Radiology departments in hospital provide all kinds of medical imaging. This rapidly growing field has made priceless contributions to modern medicine. The medical imaging in the radiology departments is usually performed by a radiographer or radiologic technologist.

Radiology departments competition

As a result of the competition between the radiology departments there has been a large progress in the quality of service and the technology in this field. In order to keep up with the continued progress in this field, radiology departments must have an entrepreneurial attitude besides the technological equipment that will attract patients. Innovation in the field of medicine focuses not only on the appliances and methods of treatment, but on the maximization of client’s satisfaction, which is a requirement for sustainable competitive advantage. Treating patients with care and respect always proves to be an effective tool to attract quantity, but also quality of clientele because we know that everyone chooses to pay more for excellent service when it comes to their health. Radiology is one of the most growing fields in health care, so every one of the radiology departments has no other choice but to keep up. Radiology departments are transforming themselves from technology driven sections to customer-driven services.

Radiology departments in developing countries

The equipment for radiology departments is quite expensive and developing countries can hardly afford completely equipped centers. Fortunately there are humanitarian organizations with a mission to provide access to radiological services for residents of the developing countries. These organizations help not only by donating money and equipment for radiology departments, but also by providing scholarships for radiology students who will be able to help their country with knowledge and action. The services of well equipped radiology departments can do a lot for the patients of the developing countries. Access to adequate healthcare is a basic human right and it is very sad that in the twenty-first century, there still are countries where this human right cannot be satisfied.

Improving patient safety in the radiology department

Through the development of radiology, there have been controversial problems with patients’ safety in radiology departments. Most of them have happened due to human error and that is not allowed in healthcare processes. In the last decade every radiology department focused on improving patients’ safety and there has been a significant progress in this field. Radiology departments are bound to maintain the highest possible security level for the patients and the staff. Most of the hospitals have a department of safety that monitors the execution of security measures in the radiology departments. These departments have to be developed by high ethical principles and guided with what is best for the patient.



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