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The main purpose of the school of med is to educate doctors who will be able to carry out their future activity responsibly and ethically. Being a medical worker is not an easy job and you cannot expect that the acquisition of knowledge for a profession with this kind of responsibility would be easy. On the contrary, in is a long and stressful process, therefore if you are planning to get through a school of medicine prepare yourself with patience and willingness to learn.

School of med getting in

Pre-med students that intend to get into a school of med begin to prepare themselves during undergraduate years. They take different courses that will give them the initial knowledge of medicine, and most schools of medicine require their applicants to have passed science courses. It is recommended for you to apply to a school of med in the end of your junior year. There is a standard application that youll need to complete with your personal information, transcript, a few letters of recommendations, scores from the Medical College Admission Test and a personal statement. If you get an interview at a school of medicine, your chances of being enrolled are significantly improved. This interview is maybe the most important part of the process of getting into a school of med so dont take it for granted by any means. Dress well, calm yourself down and be prepared to answer a lot of questions. Make the interviewers picture you as an exceptional future doctor. Once you get accepted into a school of med, withdraw any other applications you submitted to different schools.

What to expect from med school

Well you may certainly expect the next few years to be the toughest in your life. The school of medicine is highly demanding and it will consume a lot of your time and energy. Be prepared to have a lot of perseverance, high expenses and a lack of free time. Becoming a doctor is not an easy thing to do and you can get through a school of med only if you have what it takes, and that is a great desire of learning, a genuine intellectual curiosity about medicine and most of all – a powerful willingness to help others.

Career in Medicine

Medicine is a vast field full of career choices. If you manage to finish the school of medicine, you will be blessed with job security. The wish of helping others will define you as a good physician. This is something you carry inside and a school of med can help you find it and cherish it, but it is something that cannot be taught. Doctors have always been one the most respected members of society and you will have a great responsibility to justify that public opinion. Medicine has always been one of the highest paying professions and it will give you economic stability, but it is a definite fact that you have to love it in order to become successful in it.



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