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During the treatment of different diseases, doctors and physicians try to use the radiological techniques which identify the problem through images. But the treatment of the most dangerous diseases needs a large staff and it needs a long time to observe the medical issues. Because of that there is established the University Radiology, which is a kind of medical institution which cooperates with different hospitals, with the aim of helping the patients and with the aim to make the medical staff more qualitative professionally. In this article we will show you some information about the University Radiology which presents too the field of medical technology through which physicians and doctors are trained and learnt in a great way.

What includes the University Radiology?

The University Radiology includes a large staff observation about radiological issues, and helps to the experts learn and discus about all the radiological techniques and its aim is to develop the radiology more and more. In one word it is a partnership between University Radiology group and imaging centers, hospitals, other medical institutions etc. All the physicians at University radiology are certified, well qualified and together with the group of radiologists are trained in many fellowship programs like: Neuroradiology, Pediatric, Nuclear medicine, Women’s imaging, mammography, Ultrasound, x-Ray etc.

What services are offered at the University ?

At the University Radiology there are a lot of sub specialists and radiologists who offer many radiological services through which they support hospitals which need radiological services and operations. Because of their important role there may be over 90 certified radiologists at the University Radiology who work to support all the medical imaging centers, hospitals, and other hospital affiliates in developing and treating every kind of disease. But the common services offered by University Radiology as we mentioned before are: Nuclear medicine, Ultrasound, Radiation Oncology, Echocardiography etc.

The educational side of University Radiology

In the end, the most important thing about University Radiology is the educational side which includes everything about radiology. Which means there is learnt everything which is related to radiology and you should know that the radiologists, physicians, and other experts who are part of it try to explain in different books, health magazines, webs etc, the importance of radiological technology, and the methods of being a very successful radiologist or physician. To conclude, we should mention too that the University Radiology has a high quality staff, technology, licenses, and accreditation, also has a big role in certifying other medical radiological centre.



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