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Medical programs and the details of them, situated across the world are listed below. Medical schools, no matter what college they are based at, are very important for a country to raise young doctors who can later on serve the country. There are plenty of Medical schools across the world, but among them some is really worth mentioning and here are the lists of those medical colleges:

What Is Medical School All About?

Medical schools are institutions that teach medicine. The degrees programs offers in medical colleges are like Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Bachelor/Doctor of medicine etc. In most countries, the study of medicine is completed as an undergraduate degree. Medical degrees are generally awarded to the students after they completed their course and generally it took more than five years to complete the course in medical college.

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The Lists Of Medical Colleges:

Medical colleges also are of different standards. Recently a survey called “U.S NEWS AND WORLD REPORT’ published the name of some of those high rated medical colleges across the world. The survey has chosen them on the basis of advanced research program, notable recognitions, history, average SAT/ACT scores among the students and other factors as well. The lists are as such:

  • Harvard University Medical School
  • University of Cambridge
  • Yale University
  • University College of London
  • Imperial College London
  • University of Chicago
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • California Institute of Technology
  • Columbia University

The Details Of Medical Colleges:

‘Medical college wing’ of Harvard University: Harvard University medical school is in Boston and is ranked as the no 1 medical -college in the world. It was established in 1782 and has many Nobel laureates.

University of Cambridge: the University of Cambridge in England has occupied the 2nd place in that survey. It is considered one of the oldest medical colleges in the world; its teaching starts all the way back in 1540.

Yale University: it is located in New Haven and ranked 3 in the survey. It was founded in the year 1810 and is famous for center of biomedical research.

University College of London: it is also located in London and is no 4 in the rank according to the survey. It was established in 1987 and is one of the top ranked universities in UK.

Imperial college London: it is a London based medical college and ranked as 5th best among all. The faculty of medicine is not very older, established in 1997 and considered as one of the Europe’s largest institutions.

University of Oxford: University of Oxford is one of the oldest institutions in England. This university offers a large range of degrees in its medical sciences divisions like neuroscience, diagnostic imaging, clinical embryology and more on.

University of Chicago: the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine is located in Chicago. It was established in 1927 and offers several joint programs such as Medical Scientist training program, also known as MD/PhD program.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: the medical school of this institute is combined with Harvard- MIT health sciences and technology. This school is separated from Harvard’s own medical school though. This medical college was founded in 1971 and reserved 7th place in world’s top medical college’s list.

California Institute of Technology: the California institute of technology is listed among top 10 medical colleges across the world. It offers a medical scientist training program. It was established in 1919. Most notably it has got 5 Nobel prizes in chemistry, physics and medicine.

Columbia University: Columbia University is situated in New York and was established in 1920’s. It has four professional schools, college of public health, college of dental medicine and school of nursing in the campus of this, one of the best medical colleges.

Medical School Rankings

Medical school rankings are probably the first things you should check before you make a decision about going to some medical school. Rankings are important because they are indicators that speak about the reputation of a school. When I had to decide where to go to school, first thing I did was looking for medical school rankings. I wanted to become a doctor some day. And believe me when I say: rankings matter.

Are medical school rankings important?

So, the question is: Are medical school rankings important? Well, maybe not that much for you, but I can guarantee you that the happiest person on the planet would be your mother when she could say, “Remember my son Peter? Well, he is in the best medical school in the country!” Watch out, what I’m I about so say is very important. When you apply for residencies, where you are coming from makes an enormous difference. If your school was ranged in the top of the list, you will likely be a favorite. So, medical school rankings are important for your future, according to my experience.

What you should consider about medical school rankings

If you want to go to medical school, the most important think you should consider that the goal of going to a medical school is to learn how to treat the patients. So, the real thing for you to do is to pick a school with high school rankings. Remember that the human life is something sacred and in the future (when you will become a doctor) your reactions and decisions, depending on your knowledge, can save a life. The medical school rankings changes from year to year, some go up and someone go down. Medical schools, or even all schools, often rely on private donations to finance expansion and education. You can see that getting into the Top 10 schools is a big deal. As it matters to you for going in a school with high rating, also it matters to the school and they do everything to stay up.

The Influence of the medical school

Let’s face it: everyone in some point of their lives, even for a moment, wants to be a doctor. Is there any more noble profession than being a doctor and help other people? Not in my opinion. Also, a doctor is very appreciating profession. Today I’m a pediatrician and thanks to medical school rankings I attended very high quality school. It’s very interesting and fun profession when you work with kids. It is not very fun when they cry, but still I love it and I try to be as good I can be. You know when you work with kids, like every other thing you do with them, you have to be patient. Thanks to medical school rankings I can afford to be a part of any major medical institution of my country. The list for 2012 medical school rankings can be easily found online, so start searching!

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