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Board of radiology is the body of medical practitioners who aim to develop more and more advanced method for imaging. In America, the board has also the same aim. The American radiology board is one of the boards among the 24 medical specialty boards of America. All these 24 boards work together and they were formed by respective specialties to work for protecting the public assessing and certifying doctors who are providing specific educational training and professional requirements. Board of radiology of America is nonprofit organization and is independent. They mainly work for the benefits of patients as well as the doctors. So, for upliftment in the field of radiology, importance of the board cannot be undermined.

History of board of radiology

Board of radiology was founded by Dr. Arthur C. Christie, who had state in his lecture at American College of radiology in the year 1932. He had stated that there is need to set up the new organization for further development in the field of radiology. He gain repeated the same thing in the session of American medical association aim the month of June and in the year of 1933. Then after his repetition at American medical association, just after two years the board of radiology was founded, discussion of four major radiology societies of America. The four major societies were American Roentgen Ray Society, Radiology Society of North America, America Radium society and American College of radiology and after the discussion of these four societies, board of radiology was formed in the year 1934 in Washington D.C.

Development of board of radiology

The Board came up with the many improvements in the field of radiology. They allow the Physician to acquire and maintain accurate knowledge and skill for the practicing. They laid more emphasis on oncology and developed many different programs. This program helped the practitioners to learn in better way. With the development of board of radiology, many new sponsors came and lend their helping hand towards the board. To add more to the improvement of the board, more and more certificated were adopted and were deleted. In this way, the norm and regulation are kept on changing with the change in the technology.

10 web based instructional modules board of radiology

Board of radiology has introduced 10 web based instructional modules, which deals with the ethics and professionalism of radiology. These modules were developed by six organization like American association of Physicists in Medicine, American College of radiology and, American Radium Society and American society of Radiation oncology and Radiological; society of North America and board of radiology. All these modules are available in the websites of ABRF. The aim or goal of these web based module is to promote ethics and professionalism in the field of Radiology. It has relevance for the medical practitioners and this board really wants to develop the skill of radiology among the practitioners. They are moving forward keeping their goal in mind.



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