Nurse Practitioner or NP- An Overview

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What is NP or nurse practitioner?

Nurse practitioner or NP is the form of registered nurse which has gained an additional training or education procedure with an area of expertise such as the family practice, childcare or pediatrics. The NP’s which are engaged with the form of family practice, childcare or pediatrics is capable enough to provide regular care for your kid’s health. Often a nurse practitioner is also known referred as APN or the advance practice nurses. The APNs have master’s degree with nursing courses such as MS or MSN- which is the certification provided by the nursing board for their specialty. For example, a family practice or pediatric nurse practitioner is quite advanced with its skills, education, as well as the training for caring the children, infants, and the teens. These nursing practitioners are licensed typically as the registered nurses, which follow the rules, guidance and the regulations in Nurse Practice Act for the state hospitals with which they are working. If qualified by the national nursing board exam, the nurse practitioner will get the chance to flaunt some supplementary credentials with documents such as the Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (CFNP) or Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (CPNP).

A Nursing Practitioner which specializes in family practice or pediatrics can:

1)      It can write the prescriptions

2)      It can perform some procedures or tests

3)      It can order some of the medical tests

4)      It can document the health history in order to perform with a physical team

5)      It can treat some of the common child health issues

6)      It can provide assistance to the management to cure some of the chronic illness issues

7)      It can answer the parents

8)      It can plan the child health care with its parents  and even with the kids health care team

9)      It can answer to the question which are related to health problems

10)  It can even change the child health care plan, if it is prescribed by the doctor

11)  It can provide referrals to its community groups or child care experts

12)  It can teach the families about child care issues which are closely related to the forms of growth and development

13)  It can teach the kids to engage self care practices

14)  It can teach the kids about some of the healthy lifestyle practices

15)  It can teach its community health care members or the local groups about child health care issues related

16)  It can perform tasks which are related with checkups, ward checkups

17)  It can perform in the process of immunization, and many more practices which are related to the child care applications.

Nurse practitioner:

Nurse practitioner professionals known enough to help the families, individuals, and the groups, in order to achieve health standards and prevent the form of diseases. It can easily care the injured and the sick in the hospitals; it can perform with some other duties such as the health care facilities, private care, home care, physicians’ office, health care agencies, private practices, camps, schools, etc.



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