Physical Therapy License

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Physical therapy is a way of healing people through massage and exercise. People who have a need for physical therapy are those who are unable to move, walk or those who have physical difficulties. The purpose of physiotherapists is to improve the functioning of an individual by applying different methods. Not everyone can be a physiotherapist, only those who have physical therapy license are legally allowed to perform this practice. Those types of licenses future physiotherapist can get in the universities, by studying a full program for physical therapy degree. Physical therapy license is one way to prove that the field that you work in is recognizable.

Physical therapy license:Physical therapist education programs

The physical therapist programs primarily include courses in biology, anatomy, kinesiology, neuroscience, biomechanics, pathology and many others. Some of the courses include examination of test results, diagnostic process, intervention and management practices. During school the students who are trying to get physical therapy license are passing through practical exams in most cases. Those exams must be passed in order to become a licensed therapist. Mandatory undergraduate courses, that are useful when someone applies to a physical therapist education program, are biology, anatomy, physics, chemistry, mathematics, social science and statistics. Before getting the physical therapy license, many programs in the universities require volunteer experience in the department of physical therapy in a hospital or a clinic.

physical therapy license:Employment in the field of physical therapy

It is generally known that the many of licensed therapists, who have physical therapy license, get easier employed than the therapists who are volunteering or it are in a stage of getting the degree. Some physiotherapists work on part-time jobs because they are working in two or more places simultaneously. More than 50 percent of the therapists work in a hospital of clinic. The others are working in their homes, even though they have physical therapy license. Some physical therapists were self-employed in private practices, seeing individual patients all the time and contracting to provide services in public institutions. Physical therapists also conduct researching and teaching in academic institutions. It is known that therapists who have their own practices earn more money than those who work in hospitals and clinics. If you are visiting a therapist, make sure that he or she has a proper physical therapy license because those who don’t have license might do more damage on your body.

Physical therapy license in the world

The education for physical therapy varies from country to country. Usually this type of work starts with basic educations in hospitals and clinics. In the US physical training therapy culminates into physical therapy license. In Europe everything starts in three years full time degree on the faculties of medicine. In Australia there are several programs which are in undergraduate and postgraduate level. Earning physical therapy license around the world is different so make sure that you have needed information if you want to be licensed therapist. In Nigeria trainings for this program lasts for five years and in New Zealand there are only one or two schools of physiotherapy which are offering four years of undergraduate programs.



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