PT Training and Its Necessity

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PT training is very much important to keep the body injury and fatigue free. It provides positive energy in the body and helps to increase stamina. There are generally two types of pt training, one is for army and another is for military. But if someone is keen to training, he/she can easily work out in home to keep themselves fit like before. Breaking out of a regular and boring lifestyle and by making exercise a part of daily life has some added benefits and advantages. It can increase the amount of blood, lower the heart rate, at the time of taking rests, can improve the cholesterol level as well as lower the blood pressure and thus reduce the body fat as well. Regular PT training can help someone mentally and helps to manage stress and fatigue. One must keep in mind that before starting pt training ne must keep in mind some points. One should definitely visit a personal; physician. For example if someone has high blood pressure, or has a pain in lower chest or shoulders are, there are different exercises for them. One chooses an activity that he/she enjoys most doing. Some people have confusion that only hard workout helps to keep the body fit, but that’s not correct. Even light activities, if done regularly can keep your body healthy and help to become more fit. It’s important sometimes to bring variety in daily routine workout and PT training with regularity is the most important thing.

Phases of PT training:

PT training generally consists of regular activities consisting of have 4 phases. Here are they:

  • o Warming up: By elevating pulse slowly, with a light pace about five to ten minutes, is very important and is known as warm up. A good warm-up will reduce the chance of muscle strain and raise the internal body temperature.
  • Stretching is also very important to flexible the joints of our body and it helps in making body movement easier and injuries less likely and is a part of PT training.
  • o Aerobic phase is one of the most important phases in pt physical training. It temporarily elevates the resting heart rate. Frequency, length and intensity are likely the most important features that should be maintained during aerobics.

There are two types of PT training: 1) Army PT training 2) military PT training

Army PT training:

Pt training, the purpose of army is to keep them highly physically fit. They are required to do pt with their unit five days a week. If a soldier is unable to pass the army physical fitness test he needs to do two sessions per day. The function of pt training is to create battle ready soldiers. There are types of pt training like running from 2 or 8 miles, muscle strength and endurance exercises. There are exceptions as well if any case any soldier has some injury or something. The locations are full of adversaries in PT training.

Military PT training:

PT training in military is almost same as army. But here running is the main component. Except that circuit training is also there to increase their overall muscle endurance and cardio fitness in military PT training. So overall it can be concluded that PT training in force are very important in all the senses.



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