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Utilizing imaging to diagnose and cure certain diseases is a characteristic of the medical branch radiology. It is a modern, fairly new area of medicine, but it has become very popular lately and many larger clinics have their own radiology dept. A radiographer is the most important member of the staff in a radiology dept, although s/he can also work in a medical laboratory. The radiology dept might look as a scary place when you are a patient, but it’s good to know that skilled and dedicated workers are employed there, people who risk their own life and health, radiographers are exposed to increased amount of radiation in comparison with normal people, in order to help others.

Radiology dept : fields and techniques

The roentgenograph, honouring the name of the inventor of x-rays Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, was the first device that could help diagnose a patient using imaging. It was pretty much the only device for scanning and imaging you could find in a radiology dept after the Second World War. The use of the x-ray is also called plain radiology and due to its low cost it is still the most often used technique in the field of radiology. Of course, more techniques have developed recently. The ultrasound and the x-ray computed tomography are two of the most popular and most commonly used techniques of radiology and you could see them being utilised in any modern radiology dept. Ultrasound is very important, because it is considered to be safer and less dangerous for the patients, since it doesn’t emit ionizing rays. Magnetic resonance imaging is one of the recently developed techniques and it is becoming even more popular because of the progress in computer 3D algorithms.

Radiographers – education and training

Despite the dangers, working in a radiology dept seems like a challenging and amusing job. The number of candidates applying for a position in radiology in recent years only proves that. There is a lot of competition in the area and usually students that have been very successful in medical schools decide to become radiographers and work in a radiology dept, or a laboratory. Radiographers are highly educated individuals and have to continue upgrading throughout their careers, since the field is radiology is constantly evolving and developing. In the United Kingdom, the process of becoming a radiographer lasts 5 years for doctors that have already completed a higher training. In America, radiographers are required to complete 4 years of residency training, followed by a year or two of specialisation. As you can see, working in a radiology dept is not only hard work itself, but it requires a lot of hard work and study to actually get there.

What is radiology dept?

Equipped with latest technological devices and skilled professionals, a radiology dept is ready to serve its purpose and it’s an ongoing battle for saving lives and improving the quality of living. It is really ungrateful to compare and grade different clinics and their radiology dept, since we can be sure all of them do their best. Still, New York, Baltimore and Rochester are considered to be the top cities in terms of the quality of medicine, especially radiology, in America, while Cambridge is considered to have the best research centre in the UK.



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